We are on a very simple mission. We know exactly how you feel, what you experience while attending a conference away from home. More than attending technical breakout sessions, you enhance your knowledge and skill level from social interactions with people having similar interests.


Live EventsHost or attend live events in a 3D world

Experience the power of rully remote conferences in a 3d virtual world featuring social interactions and more. In a pandemic hit world, we were forced to experience or rather miss conferences through remote screen sharing applications.

A live event is much more than screen shares and video streaming. At best, virtual events have allowed us to interact with speakers via chat/text messages. An immersive 3d world is changing that landscape. Other than having a physical touch and feel, it can provide all aspects of attending conferences. Hard to believe? Just click on "Try Now".


TrainingCombine the power of VR, AR and MR for training

Train your teams in a private 3D classroom equipped with all facilities you would generally get in a LIVE classroom setting.

Contact us for role play games or team buiding exercises with your remotely location teams.


Classroom Immersive classroom experience

If you're attending a Zoom or Webex session, you miss the ability to conduct break out sessions, you miss the props from physical world, you miss the interactive aspect of a classroom and many more. A 3D classroom provides a near perfect physical classroom in a virtual classroom. Students love the look and feel of video games wherein they are avatars learning in a fun filled environment.


If you're wondering how this new form of attending classrooms, training or conferences works, you don't really have to contact us for 30 day trials or watch Youtube videos. You can scroll down to Demo section to try our any of our virtual world types.


All plans come with unlimited users. Our support can be as quick as 15 minutes to get a response.

  • Conference Hosting

    Per Event

    1 host100 Students

    5 BreakoutRooms

    5 booths


  • Training


    1 hostUnlimited attendees

    Custom 3d ModelsContact Us

    Role Play GamesContact Us

    Voice chatVideo Streaming

  • Classroom


    1 teacherUnlimited students


    Voice chat

    30GB/moClassroom materials


contact us

Feel free to contact us for custom 3d models in your room, role play games in your training sessions, download links from on-demand sessions, custom avatars
Please mention whether you're interested in Events, Training or Classrooms.

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