Meeting MAnager

Amphisocial is constantly trying to improve the way collaboration is done in online events. Be it online education, meetings, webinars or event fun get togethers like karaoke, the experience is greatly enhanced in a virtual world.

Users get an immersive experience in ready made virtual rooms customized to specific goals. Unlike other virtual world events wherein users have to learn programming or get 3D expertise, AmphiSocial provides tools with business logic tailored to your needs.

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Though Amphisocial started out as virtual meeting space, it was important for us to learn the basics of immersive experience from online gaming. Amphisocial also provides popular games and tools like Airman, Pairman, Sliderman, Psycometric tests on multiple devices.

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 Training and Services

We offer training courses and education to a range of audience. Be it a student waiting to jump into the world of online programming or a professional preparing for PMP or other certifications, we arrange online courses in our Meeting Manager virtual world Platform.

If you have experienced Amphisocial LIVE on either meeting manager or our games on iPAD or iPhones and feel that we can be of assistance fulfiling your requirements, check out the services we offer.

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